Natural leucorrhoea treatment by Hashmi Pharmacy

White discharge causes and treatment:

White discharge or leucorrhoea is a woman issue that most of the women face at some stage in their lifetime. But they don’t remember it because it goes away just like a day. Though some women complain of itching or light pain, no serious issue is reported.

The problem that needs medical attention arises when the itching or burning and pain becomes unbearable. It happens due to many reasons some of which comes as a general ignorance of events like improper life style, poor hygiene habit, low nutritional diet, etc. The treatment of white discharge is possible through natural medication in safe and soothing manner.

Natural leucorrhoea treatment:

The leucorrhoea treatment in natural methodology in India is provided by Hashmi Herbal Pharmacy. The medicine is the ultimate solution that heals the body parts, prevents the infection and removes the pain & itching. The capsule is made of natural herbs that are selected after proper research and testing as to bring the exact and effective solution.

Lady Care capsule is the treatment of leucorrhoea discharge. The capsule is safe from any type of side effects and gives the long lasting impact that prevents the repetition of the issue. To reach the patients worldwide, the pharmacy has also provided the facility to visit the official website of pharmacy where patient can order the medicine or take the direct consultation from the specialists.

Please Contact: – Dr Hashmi

PH: – +91 9999156291

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